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Al-Anon’s Concept 4 states: “Participation is the key to harmony”


Walking through the gates of service is a vital part of recovery. Service is action. Anything we do to help a relative or friend of an alcoholic is service: a telephone call to a despairing member, sponsoring a newcomer, sharing or speaking at meetings, forming a new group, arranging for public outreach, distributing literature, and chairing a meeting are all examples of service.  


Beyond the Group Level, here are ways you can participate. Join us in giving back!


Group Representative (GR)   Al-Anon Group Representative

Any Al-Anon member with a willingness to represent your group at the monthly District Meeting and twice yearly at the Area Assembly, in order to carry the message of Al-Anon’s group conscience, and who is not also a member of A.A., is eligible. This person should have a basic knowledge of Al-Anon’s Traditions and Concepts of Service and how they are applied in our groups. The individual is elected by the group, generally for a three-year term. It is recommended the person has at least one year of actively attending Al-Anon. 

Benefits: Learn by placing Al-Anon’s common welfare first, you will receive much more than you give, find increased self-confidence, more spiritual growth with less fear, and improved self-esteem. Added bonus: you will meet Al-Anon members from other towns in your district who have experienced recovery at another level. 


District Representative (DR)  Al-Anon District Representative

Any incoming, outgoing, or active past Al-Anon Group Representative (GR) who is willing to represent the district at Area World Service Committee meetings (AWSC) and attend the Area Assembly, and who is not also a member of A.A., is eligible to serve. The individual should have basic knowledge of Al-Anon Traditions and Concepts of Service, and how to apply them. Our local Group Representatives elect the District Representative. The DR passes on important information about the World Service Office (WSO) activities and the World Service Conference (WSC) decisions, which keeps our local groups informed of any changes. 

Benefits: In addition to meeting Al-Anon members from other cities and towns from all over Massachusetts, the District Representative is eligible to stand for the Massachusetts Area Delegate and other Massachusetts Area officer positions. Other benefits include: learning trust, learning to take risks, increased self-esteem, a sense of purpose, and knowing you are making a difference in the Berkshires.  


Alternate District Representative

The Alternate District Representative is elected by the District incoming GR’s for a three-year term from among the incoming, outgoing or active past GR’s. An Al-Anon member who is not also a member of AA is eligible to serve.  The Alternate District Representative completes the term when (if) the District Representative resigns. The ADR may assist the DR by visiting and supporting Berkshire Al-Anon groups. The individual can also serve as treasurer, secretary, or public outreach coordinator at the District level. It is recommended the person has at least one year of actively attending Al-Anon. 

Benefits: Familiarizes the individual with district-level activities and prepares them for assuming the District Representative role should that be appropriate. The individual will experience increased self-confidence through this service, spiritual growth by letting go of expectations, and the added benefit of visiting meetings/groups all over the south county area as the Alternative District Representative. 


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